Community Enrichment Grants

Community enrichment grants are closed for the year.  The on-line application process for 2017/2018 Community Enrichment Grants will open fall 2017.  Successful grant recipients will be announced in January 2018.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, or if you have already received a grant and need to submit your final report, please contact us at 250-338-8444 or via email.

Community Enrichment Grant Guidelines

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Community Enrichment Grants.

Who Can Apply?
What Do We Fund?
What Don't We Fund?
How Do We Assess Applications?

On-line Application Forms

The online application form for a Community Enrichment grant will be available shortly.  The deadline for applications will be late October 2017

If you have any questions, please contact us at 250-338-8444 or via email.

Funding Sources for Community Enhancement Grants

Our donors specify how the income from their donations is to be used.

Community Funds

Some donors give to our general Community Fund while others establish their own named funds but in both cases leave the decision of the best use of the annual income generated to the Board of the CVCF.

Field of Interest Funds

In other cases, donors establish Field of Interest funds to benefit a broad charitable area of focus; and the CVCF commits to using income from these funds only in support of projects that respect these donor directions.

Currently the Foundation has the following Field of Interest Funds:

Agroforestry Development Fund (support agroforestry)

Children’s Enrichment Fund (enrich lives of children; where possible special needs)

Courtenay Centennial Legacy Fund (Supporting youth)

DeLuca Veale Investment Counsel Inc. Fund (children & youth)

Developmental Disabilities Fund* (social and recreational activities for individuals with developmental disabilities)

George and Marianne Muir Fund (innovative approaches to land, natural resources and the environment)

Help the Homeless Fund (overcoming underlying causes and alleviate effects of homelessness)

Jack & Lillian Lefcoe Family Fund (animal welfare and mental health and disabilities)

*NEW* Janine Martin & Family Fund (environmental initiatives)

Joyce Perkins Fund  (music & theatre)

King Salmon Club Fund (salmon enhancement; preservation of fish stocks and marine environments)

Len & Gwen Willing Fund (seniors)

Rotary Club of Courtenay Foundation Fund (relief of poverty and advancement of education)

* Please note that the Development Disabilities Fund is a unique Field of Interest fund in that it is intended to help reduce the barriers limiting participation in these programs and activities.  Its focus is more on an applicant’s program delivery than its capacity building efforts. 

A separate application is not required to access Field of Interest income – please use the Community Enrichment Grant application form.

Information for Grant Recipients

Announcement of Grant Recipients

All grant applicants will be informed by letter in December as to whether they are successful and if so, the amount of their grant.  Successful applicants will be invited to receive their grants at our annual Community Enrichment Awards in January. The decision of the CVCF Board will be final.

Note that projects are expected to be completed within eight months of the receipt of the grant cheque. If the project changes from what is proposed in your application, or cannot be completed within this time frame, please contact the Community Foundation immediately.  The CVCF Board is likely to approve of the change or delay if it still meets the spirit of the original application.

Final Reporting

All 2017 grant recipients are required to submit a final report by September 15, 2017.  This year we are asking all grant recipients to submit at least one quality photo (16 MB maximum) of your project.  To assist you with preparing your final report, here is a copy of the final report form; however, we will only accept online final reports through the link below.