2019 Community Enrichment Grant Recipients

In 2019, the Comox Valley Community Foundation was pleased to award $170,338.89 to the following projects in the Comox Valley: 

Joan Carson (Fund Holder and Past CVCF Board Member), Lydia Neville (Adaptive and Inclusive Programs Courtenay Rec), Christine Helpard and Kris Trudeau (CVCF)

Grant Recipient: Adaptive & Inclusive Programs

Grant Amount: $15,000.00

Project Description: Adaptive programs for adults with disabilities

Joan Carson (Fund Holder and Past CVCF Board Member), Randy James (Comox Valley Special Olympics), Christine Helpard and Kris Trudeau (CVCF)

Grant Recipient: Comox Valley Special Olympics

Grant Amount: $15,000.00

Project Description: Special Olympics Athlete Training Costs

Joan Carson (Fund Holder and Past CVCF Board Member), Jeanette Jangula, and Paula Holmes-Rodam (L'Arche Comox Valley), Christine Helpard and Kris Trudeau (CVCF)

Grant Recipient: L'Arche Comox Valley

Grant Amount: $10,000.00

Project Description: I Belong Centre Arts and Recreational Program

Matt Beckett (CVCF), Audrey Craig (Fund Holder and CVCF Past President), Aymen Shymko and Trevor Bruce (Comox Valley Recovery Centre)

Grant Recipient: Comox Valley Recovery Centre Society 

Grant Amount: $10,000.00

Project Description: Dining Room, Office and Laundry Room Updates


Grant Recipient: Hornby Island Housing Society

Grant Amount: $2000.00

Project Description: Water Filtration System

Jen Wrye and Maurita Prato (LUSH Valley Food Action Society) and Valerie Graham (Fund Holder)

Grant Recipient: LUSH Valley Food Action Society

Grant Amount: $8000.00

Project Description: Closing the Loop on Food Security

Judith Hagen (Fund Holder) and Nathan Kwan (United Riders of Cumberland)

Grant Recipient: United Riders of Cumberland

Grant Amount: $1,160.00

Project Description: Increasing Capacity of the Trail Counter and Data Program

Harry Panjer (CVCF), Leslie Wells (MADD Comox Valley), Tyler Smits-Tovell (Representing DeLuca Veale Fund)

Grant Recipient: MADD Comox Valley

Grant Amount: $2000.00

Project Description: MADD Canada's School Assembly Program

Harry Panjer (CVCF), Lauren Lan (Mark R Isfeld) and Tyler Smits-Tovell (Reprenting DeLuca Veale)

Grant Recipient: Mark R Isfeld Secondary School

Grant Amount: $4,291.00

Project Description: Farm to School Salad Bar Project

Marianne Muir (Fund Holder), Matt Beckett (CVCF) and Caroline Heim (Tsolum River Restoration Society)

Grant Recipient: Tsolum River Restoration Society

Grant Amount: $3440.64

Project Description: Gravel Bar Will Staking and Water Quality Monitoring Project 

Frank Denton (CVCF), Beverley and Erik Eriksson (Fund Holder) and Mike Trimble (Comox Valley Exhibition)

Grant Recipient: Comox Valley Exhibition

Grant Amount: $7,500.00

Project Description: Building New Ticket Booths and Other Repairs

Frank Denton (CVCF), Michelle Willard (Cumberland Museum and Archives) and Erik and Beverley Eriksson (Fund Holders)

Grant Recipient: Cumberland and Distict Historical Society

Grant Amount: $2,950.25

Project Description: Living Libraries Program 

Frank Denton (CVCF), Erik and Beverley Eriksson (Fund Holders) and Lisa M Iverson (UIWONA Society)

Grant Recipient: Upper Island Women of Native Ancestry Society

Grant Amount: $21,300.00

Project Description: Early Years Aboriginal Program 

Thomas and Roberta Feely (Fund Holder) and Pam Willis (Comox Valley Senior Support Society)

Grant Recipient: Comox Valley Senior Support Society

Grant Amount: $5,000.00

Project Description: Creative Caregivers

Thomas and Roberta Feely (Fund Holder), Michele Avery (Eureka Support Society)

Grant Recipient: Eureka Support Society

Grant Amount: $1,750.00

Project Description: New Front Door and New Printer/Copier Machine

Brenda Kelm (CVCF and Representing Presley and Partners Fund) with Liz Friis and Wanda McMillan (Glacier View Lodge Society)

Grant Recipient: Glacier View Lodge Society

Grant Amount: $3,147.00

Project Description: Seniors Swimming Program

Bent Harder (Fund Holder), Bert Heeringa (CVCF) and Andrea Cupelli (Comox Valley Coalition to End Homelessness)

Grant Recipient: Comox Valley Coalition to End Homelessness

Grant Amount: $15,000.00

Project Description: Connect Drop In Program

Harry Panjer (CVCF), Pat McKenna and Tom Beshr (Habitat for Humanity) and Leslie Baird (Representing the Village of Cumberland Fund)

Grant Recipient: Habitat for Humanity Vancouver Island North Society 

Grant Amount: $12,500.00

Project Description: New Habitat for Humanity Builder Truck

Matt Beckett (CVCF), Nancy Milliken and Sylvia Ganga (St Georges United Church) and Craig Rennison, Anita Wotschel, Lynn Gray (Representing the Rotary Club of Courtenay Fund)

Grant Recipient: St Georges United Church Sonshine Lunch Club

Grant Amount: $22,800.00

Project Description: Renovations of the Kitchen and Two Bathrooms for the Sonshine Lunch Club

Matt Beckett (CVCF) Allan Douglas (1000x5) and Craig Rennison, Anita Wotschel and Lynn Gray (Representing the Rotary Club of Courtenay Fund)

Grant Recipient: 1000x5

Grant Amount: $2500.00

Project Description: To Purchase Books for Ages 0-2 Years to Supplement Recycling Program


Matt Beckett (CVCF), Shawn Thir (Courtenay Elemenary School Society) Craig Rennison, Anita Wotschel and Lynn Gray (Representing Rotary Club of Courtenay Fund)

Grant Recipient: Courtenay Elementary School Society

Grant Amount: $5000.00

Project Description: Start Up Costs for Courtenay Elementary School Society