Get Involved

Are you interested in becoming a Comox Valley Community Foundation Board member?

Serving on the Board of the Comox Valley Community Foundation can be an extremely rewarding experience!  It is a wonderful opportunity to work with interesting people, and to contribute to the betterment of your community – for the long term.

What is the Foundation’s work?

In simple terms, the Comox Valley Community Foundation manages money that has been invested in perpetuity for the benefit of the community in the Comox Valley.  This money comes to us through donations made by organizations or individuals who wish to create or build an endowment fund that will continue to generate money for the community.  Each year revenue earned from the funds is distributed by the Comox Valley Community Foundation according to the purpose of each fund.  In some cases, the donor has entrusted the Board to use the revenue where it will benefit the community most. Some funds provide scholarships and bursaries to students undertaking post-secondary education; some are established to enhance initiatives in a particular file of interest and the Foundation is charged with the choice of how the funds are distributed.  In addition, a number of Comox Valley organizations have asked the Foundation to manage their financial assets on their behalf.  By law, we are only allowed to distribute funds to registered charities and other ‘qualified donees’.

 What does being a board member involve?

The board gathers the second Tuesday of each month for a meeting that lasts two hours (hopefully less) and all members are expected to attend all or most of these meetings.  Terms are for three years and members may be re-elected for a second three-year term.  Currently we have an Executive Director and an Administrator, both part-time.

At meetings we govern the ongoing work of the Foundation, and much is done through committees.  Board committees are one way to discover how you can contribute!  We have committees for fund development, community engagement, marketing and communications, grant-making and a few others.  Each member spends time each month working on one or more committees.  Our members have different levels of participation, depending on how they choose to be involved and their time availability.

 What next?

The Comox Valley is a vibrant region brimming with charitable organizations of all stripes.  Working with the Comox Valley Community Foundation is a way to make a real difference in supporting the well being of the community.  You will learn a lot, network with interesting and dynamic people, and contribute your skills in ways that really matter.  We even have fun now and then…

For more information and to see a list of our current board members, please explore our website further.  Contact us if you want discuss becoming a board member – this year or possibly in the future.