The Black Creek Community Association has been awarded $3000.00 for renovations to their community centre’s kitchen. The space is primarily used for preschool programs including the Pumpkin Patch Cooperative Nursery School, which operates from the facility, and for childminding and children’s programs. The project will serve to enhance the quality of the programs offered at the BCCA and will also involve further developing the partnership between the Pumpkin Patch Nursery School Association and the Black Creek Community Association.

The goal is to improve the quality of the kitchen for several reasons:

  • to provide a safe and clean place for children to learn skills in the kitchen;
  • to provide a means for making nutritious snacks and educating children and parents about healthy food choices for their children;
  • to provide accessible and usable cupboard space for storage for kitchen items;
  • to replace old appliances with newer, more efficient appliances that are more reliable, cost effective and environmentally friendly. The proposal for the kitchen upgrade includes replacing the fridge, stove and microwave as well as the counter tops and cupboards. The Black Creek Community Association plans to work with the Pumpkin Patch Nursery School to ensure that consideration of their needs and ideas are met.