The Comox Valley Transition Society has been awarded a $5000.00 Community Grant to help refurbish Lilli House, their home for women and their children who are escaping abusive relationships.  Since its opening in 1992, Lilli House has received some 18,000 crisis calls and sheltered 4823 women and children. Some stay for just one night. Others stay for several weeks as they work on securing financial help, housing and support services.

Some arrive in the middle of the night, barefoot and wearing their pyjamas. Others arrive with suitcases carefully packed, bringing their most precious belongings with them. All are frightened and in a state of crisis. At Lilli House, women and children find a warm, comfortable, well kept home with friendly, welcoming staff. Twenty four hours a day, women can access these knowledgeable, highly trained staff for support and assistance with the many tasks they need to accomplish in rebuilding their lives. Children have a special program where they receive support and also have opportunities to just be kids, both in the well-equipped playroom and outside in the playground.

With so many residents coming and going, coupled with the Society’s belief that women and children in crisis should have a comfortable, well maintained environment, Lilli House is in constant need of upkeep. Their laundry room is showing the signs of constant use and is in need of refurbishing. This grant will be used to redo the laundry room. They will replace the appliances and create a more efficient, functional and attractive space. The new space will have clean lines, be easy to keep and painted in a calming tone in keeping with the rest of the home. They will tear out the old cupboards that are poorly situated and falling apart and replace them with a spacious accessible countertop for sorting and folding laundry. Below will be space designed for a recycling centre. A pantry style cabinet with locking doors will be installed to hold products that may be hazardous to children plus extra household items. The cupboard will provide the extra storage space needed so that they can take advantage of caselot sales and bulk purchases. Finally, they will replace their old washers and dryers with stacking, energy efficient units.

The hundreds of women and children who find shelter and safety at Lilli House each year will benefit from the refurbishment and better utilization of space in the laundry room. Having reliable appliances will reduce stress for clients and staff attempting to do laundry. The organization will have reduced repair costs and the ability to take advantage of bulk purchasing with the additional storage space