CVCF Announces 2021 COVID-19 Emergency Response

The Comox Valley Community Foundation will launch its 2021 COVID-19 Emergency Response Grants, available to all local charities and not-for-profits, beginning February 11, 2021.

The focus for the 2021 grants will remain on pandemic response and supporting those most impacted by the ongoing pandemic. Specifically, grants will support food security, homelessness, children and youth initiatives. While still focused on supporting vulnerable populations, 2021 grants are intended to also contribute to the longer-term sustainability of the organization or program, as well as address root causes.

“The need remains great within the Comox Valley, with the pandemic continuing to disproportionately impact the most vulnerable members of our community,” said Matt Beckett, Comox Valley Community Foundation President. “The pandemic has exacerbated issues and fundamental inequalities that were always there, and we are pleased to be able to roll out this program to both offer immediate relief and address longer-term requirements, with the assistance of the Comox Valley Regional District.”

The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) has contributed $100,000 from its Provincial Safe Restart Funds to the Comox Valley Community Foundation to support the 2021 COVID-19 Emergency Response. The Comox Valley Community Foundation has also committed $60,000 from the Robert & Florence Filberg Funds for child welfare and religious organizations. It is expected that grants will be in the hands of successful applicants by mid-March.

“Promoting food security and supporting initiatives to address homelessness in the Comox Valley helps those members of our community that have been impacted the most by the pandemic. By partnering with the Comox Valley Community Foundation, we’re able to see the results right here where we all live,” said Jesse Ketler, Comox Valley Regional District Board Chair. “Supporting organizations who are helping resolve issues locally creates a more resilient home for everyone.”

The application deadline is February 25th at 12:00 noon. Click here to apply.

To supplement the funds available, the Comox Valley Community Foundation has once again opened its COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund for donations from individuals and organizations. All donations made to the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund will be granted in full to charities working on response efforts in our community. Donations may be made here