Benefits of Giving

Your community makes you, and you make your community

Please watch our interactive presentation below for an overview of the Comox Valley Community Foundation’s purposes, types of funds and the power of our endowment model. Use your mouse to zoom in and out or move the slides around.

Join us in our work and help build a healthier, more vibrant Comox Valley.

The Comox Valley is our collective larger home – it is where we live, work, play and raise our families. Its setting, amenities, services and the people in this community together provides a very rich environment in which we each live and grow.  The community is a vital part of you.  But equally, you are a vital part of this community and you can make it better, now and forever!

The Comox Valley Community Foundation works with many donors and supporters from all corners of our community – individuals, families, service groups, and corporations, including some who choose to remain anonymous. Through their generosity, we build a lasting legacy for our region.  Gifts of all sizes are pooled and permanently endowed; the principal of the fund is never spent and interest earned creates a lasting source revenue in the Comox Valley.

What will your legacy be?

You can guide the future of your community and the causes you care about by making a legacy gift to the Comox Valley Community Foundation. We are a registered Canadian charity and one of Canada’s 191 community foundations. Our endowment fund is becoming one of this community’s greatest strengths, allowing us to manage charitable gifts and bequests in perpetuity. This ensures that your legacy gift – of any size – grows and lives on, forever.

We continually build the fund and invest in our community, granting hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to a broad range of charitable organizations and worthy causes. If community matters to you, the Comox Valley Community Foundation is where you can make your priorities known.

How we work with you

Whatever amount you gift to the Community Foundation will contribute to the well-being and vitality of our Comox Valley. We work to support and strengthen the charitable sector, and have been fortunate to benefit from the ongoing generosity of our donors.

We encourage you to navigate our website to:

  • Understand some of the benefits and ways of giving
  • Understand the different types of gifts and the different funds you can give to
  • Creating your own endowment fund
  • Learn of your options to make a donation
  • See Frequently Asked Questions and contact us to begin your relationship with the Comox Valley Community Foundation