Why Give

There are so many great reasons for giving to your Community Foundation.

Your gifts through the Community Foundation are what create funding grants that support our local nonprofit community. These organizations provide essential services across our region that make the Comox Valley a better place to live every day.

Help grow Comox Valley’s own permanent savings account

Think of the Foundation as our community’s own savings account. When you make a gift through us, we pool it with other gifts and invest it to amplify everyone’s impact. The earnings from this investment (called an endowment) become grants that the community can spend every single year, forever. Today, our $16-million[2022] endowment fund is one of the Comox Valley’s greatest assets and a key driver for community change. The more we invest together, the greater benefit to all, today and for the long term.

Together, we have the unmatched ability to address this need

We have been helping caring people, just like you, give back to the community in meaningful ways for more than 25 years. This means we also know a lot about our community and the best ways to help. We are both a charity and a non-government funder of strong local charities with proven success. By partnering with us, you get the benefit of an experienced and trusted partner, committed to getting the most out of what you give.

100% of grants give immediate help in the Comox Valley

All Community Foundation grants are distributed each year to support and enrich the Comox Valley, from Black Creek to Hornby Island, activating essential programs and services that would otherwise not be available. We support a community-based approach and accountability measures to distribute funding and maximize impact. By engaging all sectors and causes in our region, we are uniquely positioned to identify opportunities and support emerging needs

Why choose the  Comox Valley Community Foundation?

Because you want to:

  • Make a gift that gives each year, forever
    You can choose to make one-time donation to support immediate needs in the same year. Or, if you make a gift to an invested (endowment) fund at the Community Foundation, your giving continues, and its impact amplifies over time. The following example shows how a single gift of $10,000 grows over time and generates an annual grant that will be spent on community needs, year over year in perpetuity:
  • Support many causes, easily in one place
    Through the Community Foundation, you can choose to channel all your donations toward a single purpose or use one donation to fund many causes.
  • Give your favourite charity long-term support
    You can share the love with your favourite charity by supporting their named Agency Fund held in trust with us. Your gift will boost their spending grant both annually and permanently, giving them greater focus on their cause and less worry about long-term funding.
  • Help but are not sure where to start
    Sometimes the desire to help can become overwhelmed by all the choices and uncertainty of where help is really needed most. Connecting your gift to the community’s greatest need or to your preferred causes is what we do.
  • Give with confidence
    Our asset management and financial policies ensure your gift will continue to help our community for good and forever.
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