Granting Opportunities


At the Comox Valley Community Foundation our view of community is broad and inclusive – so we grant to the widest range of charitable organizations and initiatives to reflect that perspective.

Granting Streams

The Comox Valley Community Foundation has many different types of granting opportunities that your organization may qualify for:


Community Enrichment Grants

Our primary and largest annual granting opportunity.


Neighbourhood Small Grants

Connecting our community one neighbourhood at a time.


Professional Development Grants

Helping our local nonprofits the get the skills they need.


Scholarships & Bursaries

Giving students a hand up as they complete their education.


Community Services Recovery Fund

Supporting our local non-profits during this turbulent time.

Our Philosophy

CVCF directs our community’s funds where they are most needed, and we are thankful for the honest and forthright advice we receive from individuals and organizations who assist us in identifying priorities.

We are committed to incorporating the principles of trust-based philanthropy and community-based decisions within our granting program.

Trust-based philanthropy is an approach to giving that addresses the inherent power imbalances between funders, not for profit organizations and the communities they serve. At its core, trust-based philanthropy is about redistributing power – systemically, organizationally, and interpersonally – in service of a healthier and more equitable not-for-profit ecosystem. On a practical level, this includes multi-year unrestricted giving, streamlined applications and reporting, and a commitment to building relationships based on transparency, dialogue, and mutual learning.

CVCF supports decision-making resting with the community. We recognize that while CVCF is an important funder in our community, we are not experts with respect to the delivery of services and programs and that better decisions are reached when community voices are involved.

Who Qualifies?

CVCF provides grants for projects and activities that benefit the citizens of the Comox Valley and by law, grants to:

  • Registered Canadian charities
  • Registered societies
  • First Nations, municipalities, public bodies performing a function of government in Canada
  • Grantees (a non-qualified donee as defined in the Income Tax Act).

Our boundaries are those of School District No. 71 (Comox Valley Schools), extending south from the Oyster River to Ship’s Point, inclusive of Denman and Hornby Island. Projects and/or activities must occur in the Comox Valley or be of direct benefit to the residents of the Comox Valley.

CVCF bases its granting on the following principles:

  • Innovation where there is demonstrated need, the likelihood of effectiveness, and strong potential to serve as a model to others.
  • Partnerships and collaborations to make the best use of limited resources.
  • Projects and/or activities that build on the strengths of the community to respond to identified issues and priorities.
  • Demonstrated commitment to the project and/or activities through the applicant’s contribution of human and/or financial resources.
  • Evidence of significant and appropriate support from other funding sources (including the community).
  • Involvement of the target population benefitting from the proposed project/activities in the development, implementation and evaluation of the project/activities.
  • Demonstrated commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • Realistic plans for longer-term funding for projects and/or activities that will be ongoing after the grant’s completion.
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