Available Grants

Comox Valley Community Foundation helps build a vital community by supporting local initiatives and organizations that strive to improve the community. We support a variety of causes tackling our community’s most pressing issues. Thanks to our generous donors, in 2019, Comox Valley Community Foundation will distribute $500,000 into the community in grants, scholarships and bursaries and in payments to charities who invest with us!

What inspires us is the opportunity to provide help in virtually every aspect of community life. Through our grants, we support everything from the programs for the developmentally disadvantaged to the environment and the arts, providing local charitable organizations with funds they need to create positive change in the community.

Currently, we have two grants for local charitable organizations. Before you apply for either grant, please read through our eligibility checklist to ensure you are eligible.

In addition, we work with donors, local high schools and North Island College to provide scholarships and bursaries to students every year.