Professional Development Grants

Professional Development Grants are to help organizations access training and professional growth opportunities so as to better deliver on their mandates and thereby strengthen the community.  Up to a maximum of $2000.00 is available for organizations to help them access individual or group learning opportunities that build organizations and leadership capacity.


CVCF will not be running a separate  Professional Development Grants cycle in 2020/21, organizations are eligible to apply for one Community Enrichment Grant. representing your organizations most pressing need.  If professional development is your organizations most pressing need, please submit an application using the Programs, Services and Projects category within the Community Enrichment Grants application.


General Eligibility

  1. The project or organization (for Operational Requirements requests) must be located within the defined geographic boundaries of School District 71.  Organizations located outside the Comox Valley delivering programs must clearly demonstrate how all funds will remain within the Comox Valley.
  2. Applicants must be in good standing as a federally-registered charity or other qualified donnee as defined by the Canada Revenue Agency.  If you are a non profit without a CRA number, then you will need to partner with a registered charity and complete a Sponsorship Agreement 2020.  Acting as a Sponsor for another organization does not hinder an organization’s ability to submit their own application as the primary applicant.
  3. Final Reports from all previous CVCF grants must be completed unless an exception has been granted by CVCF prior to your application being submitted.

Professional Development Grant Eligibility

  • Eligible beneficiaries include full and part time staff and volunteers with more than a year of service.
  • The application may be for any professional training or learning opportunity (i.e. provided by an accredited organization or professional) up to a maximum of $2000.00
  • Only one application per organization is permitted per year.