Earlier this summer, CVCF hosted conversations with representatives from charitable and not for profit organizations to understand their needs and priorities for the coming year, as well as to hear their thoughts on the major issues facing the community as a whole. In response to what we heard and to move forward with CVCF’s goals of community-based decision-making and incorporating trust-based philanthropy principles within our granting program, CVCF will be adopting a four-pronged approach to granting for 2021-2022:

•    $75,000 to address housing insecurity and homelessness
•    $20,000 to assist with charitable/not for profit sector development and sustainability
•    $50,000 to support recreation and social programming for adults with diverse abilities
•    $130,000 directed to Community Enrichment Grants

Grant requests related to housing insecurity and support for individuals who are unsheltered, social and recreation programming for adults with diverse abilities and professional development will be addressed outside of this granting process.

Applications for a wide range of new and existing programs and services will be considered including but not limited to operations, wages, overhead administrative costs, assistance with fundraising and capital projects. As we have learned over the past 18 months, it is essential for CVCF to support your organizations in a manner that is most impactful for you, without restrictions if possible. It is your priorities that CVCF should be supporting, as you know what is needed most.  Organizations who provide housing-related services as part of their mandate may make an application for a Community Enrichment Grant for non housing related program or service.   


General Eligibility 

  1. The project or organization must be located within the defined geographic boundaries of School District 71.  Organizations located outside the Comox Valley delivering programs must clearly demonstrate how all funds will remain within the Comox Valley.
  2. Applicants must be in good standing as a federally-registered charity or other qualified donnee as defined by the Canada Revenue Agency.  If you are a non profit without a CRA number, then you will need to partner with a registered charity and complete a Sponsorship Agreement 2021.  Acting as a Sponsor for another organization does not hinder an organization's ability to submit their own application as the primary applicant. 
  3. Final Reports from all previous CVCF grants (2019 and prior) must be completed, final reports for 2020 grants are due by September 30, 2021.  

Community Enrichment Grant Eligibility 

We base our granting on the following principles

  • Innovation where there is demonstrated need, the likelihood of effectiveness, and strong potential to serve as a model to others. 
  • Partnerships and collaborations to make the best use of limited resources. 
  • Projects and/or activities that build on the strengths of the community to respond to identified issues and priorities.  
  • Demonstrated commitment to the project and/or activities through the applicant’s contribution of human and/or financial resources. 
  • Evidence of significant and appropriate support from other funding sources (including the community). 
  • Involvement of the target population benefitting from the proposed project/activities in the development, implementation and evaluation of the project/activities. 
  • Demonstrated commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion. 
  • Realistic plans for longer-term funding for projects and/or activities that will be ongoing after the grant’s completion. 

Community Enrichment Grant Ineligibility 

  1. Scholarships or bursaries (funded elsewhere by the Foundation)  
  2. Activities of religious organizations that serve primarily their membership and/or direct religious purposes 
  3. Political activities, specifically directly or indirectly supporting or opposing a political party or candidate for public office  
  4. The establishment of or addition to endowment funds 
  5. The establishment of or addition to operating reserves

Additional Information 

There is no maximum limit on the amount of funds organizations may request; however, we strongly encourage applicants to keep their requests reasonable. Funding is limited and there are many vital organizations within our community applying for funds. For information, last year most grants were under $10,000.

Click here to see a PDF copy of the question list.  Applications are summited online via CVCF Grants Portal. Budgets can be uploaded in an existing format or using the CVCF Budget Template

We are always happy to help! Please reach out to CVCF Staff with any questions 


How Do We Assess Applications?

The Board of the CVCF appoints a Grants Committee comprised of both Board members and independent community members.

As applications are received, they are reviewed to ensure they are complete, meet all submission requirements and include enough information to allow the Grants Committee to make informed decisions. If necessary, clarification and additional information is asked of the applicant.

Additional information is also supplied to the Grants Committee including any history of past grants, and other background details that may assist in the decision-making.

The Grants Committee members first review all applications independently. They then meet to discuss the merits of each project and to rank them in priority for funding.  The highest priorities are reconsidered first and an initial allocation of grant money is made.   Factored into this decision process is the total grant money available and any specific directions made by the donors for the income generated by their funds. (i.e. fields of interest).  This list, together with the highest priority unfunded projects are then evaluated a third time to ensure the Foundation’s overall funding objectives of fairness, addressing priority areas, broad support of the community, and respect of donor directions are achieved.

The Committee’s recommendations, with supporting analysis, are then presented to the Board for approval. Applications receive notification in late November.