Comox Valley’s Vital Signs®

vital-signs-logoVital Signs® is a regular check-up conducted by community foundations to measure the vitality of communities across Canada. It gathers and publishes data on significant social and economic trends in areas critical to quality of life. Vital Signs® reports promote awareness of community issues and can help generate discussion, drive policy change and focus community leadership activities in the Comox Valley.

2018 Vital Signs®

The 2018 Comox Valley Vital Signs report is NOW AVAILABLE! Click here to view the full report and supporting documents

2016 Vital Signs®



  • More than 65 communities in Canada and around the world are using Vital Signs® to mobilize the power of community knowledge for greater local impact.
  • Nationally, Community Foundations of Canada produces an annual national report on key issues impacting Canadians. For example, the theme of 2017 national report was Belonging: Exploring Connection to Community.
  • Vital Signs® is creating new connections across a wide range of community groups and giving new profile to existing research.
  • Organizations are using the data to successfully obtain external grants to finance their programs.
  • Communities are using Vital Signs® to generate discussion about priorities and tackle quality-of-life issues like housing, youth safety and environmental quality.
  • The report’s reader-friendly data introduces citizens from all walks of life to the successes and challenges within their own communities and encourages them to take action.

How will the Vital Signs® report be used?

Experience in other communities has shown that the Vital Signs® report is an important discussion piece for the community and provides much needed clarity around the current, potential, and perceived issues facing our citizens. It invariably becomes a key tool for many different groups working for the betterment of our community. And at the CVCF, we will use Comox Valley’s Vital Signs® to help us connect the dots between caring community members and local causes that matter, informing both our community leadership and our granting processes at the Foundation.

The Vital Signs trademark is used with permission from Community Foundations of Canada. Photograph courtesy of Ernst Vegt.